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You can see all the paintings on this page. More recent are on the top. Click on the painting to enlage it.

Found some of the paintigs attractive an want to buy it? Look at the page prices or send me a letter, see contact for more information.

sliv buk1 buk2 buk3
buk4 Anyt Buket Ichol
Liliy Tul Tulpan Tulpfrag
Tulpifrag Narcissi Lilies bouquet Violet tulps
Irises Holland Carnations Rose gerber
Key Peasant girl Orange lilies The Hague evening
Colored mosaic Sound of color Autumn fall Red Sunflower
Rosemary Autumn berry Bars and Fruits Bars and Vegetables
Red and Yellow Tulips Tea Roses Coloured Tulips Gerber
Three Gerbers Carnations Blue Flowers Red and Blue
Flying Pansies Fireworks Irises Evening
Lilies Spring Summer Sunflower
Two Irises Blue on Red July Flowers June Flowers
Maquis Bouquet in Vase Balance and Vegetables Fruits and Candle
Beer Mug Candle and Fruit Yellow Roses